Monday, September 8, 2008

Listen to Al Gore

Recently I was on vacation on Nantucket (an interesting sustainability story in its own right— think whale oil). While there, I had the occasion to dine with John Kerry and Theresa Heinz and her two sons. (Okay, we happened to be seated next to them at the Galley, but I'll tell it my way....)

Anyway, Kerry is running again for the Senate seat he has occupied since forever. And to win again this time, he's bringing out the big gun: Al Gore.

Never mind the irony of two guys teaming up, who independently couldn't win two very winnable elections. The "former next president of the United States" calls Kerry a "friend of our planet." And indeed, he does have a record in Massachusetts to run on. It reminds us that sustainability, like politics, is local.

You know what else is local? Water. Too bad the Kerry's didn't have some of that refreshing local Nantucket tap water on their table instead of that big bottle of VOSS from Norway.

I won't tell Al, if you wont.

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