Thursday, October 23, 2008

Right Step at the Right Time

As Gordon Gecko said about uncertain financial times, "When other sell, I buy." And for companies that keep their cool, they can succeed in the New, New Economy. Take Payless.

Payless has announced a launch of its first-ever "green" line of footwear.

This is a brand that identified the opportunity to create a product that is part of the solution rather then the growing problem. Score 1 for Payless.

...Amidst the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Score 2.

...And on top of it all, it is a product true to its brand identity. Score 3 and WIN for Payless!

At costs under $30, this is one product that will be easy "green" win for consumers even during our current recession. Matt Ruble, Chief Executive of parent company Collective Brands Inc, was quoted as saying, "At the end of the day, what you're trying to do is really democratize 'green' here. We want to bring it to the people in a way where it brings compelling value and compelling good things for the planet."

We hope that other brands take notice of this move. There is not doubt that we are in difficult times, but brands that have foresight to understand that sustainability is an imperative for future business success and the willingness to stay the course may discover, in the less crowded marketing space, an opportunity for greater leadership, differentiation and growth in the coming years.

We believe there is no better time then the present for brands to start "Walking the Walk".

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