Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greener Apples

For the past few years Apple has been hit hard with criticism from Greenpeace for their production of computers containing "toxic chemicals" and other eco-unfriendly materials. In an effort to activate consumers against this brand favorite, Greenpeace created a website: greenmyapple.org. The site encourages consumers to demand change from Apple. This month, Apple released their "greenest" notebook yet.

These new computers are highly recyclable, energy efficient and have none of the toxic chemicals formally found in MacBooks. Just last week, Apple launched their latest TV spot which focuses on their new and improved product.

Now Apple says the MacBook is the greenest family of notebooks. It's not entirely clear how they got to that claim, but this is a huge step forward in the eyes of Greenpeace and the eco-conscious shopper. And more good news for Apple-- Greenpeace has started to back off. It is now applauding Apple's latest efforts and will shift their focus to other manufacturers to try and push the industry as a whole even further.

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