Friday, February 13, 2009

Call to Brands - Save the Earth & Our Wallets

It's the million dollar question: will consumers continue to buy eco-friendly products as they cut costs?

Our answer: why not help them do both?

For various (mostly valid) reasons, eco-friendly products have till now tended to cost more than their counterparts, leading to a perception that green is expensive or even a luxury. Let's call it the Whole Foods effect.

But at its heart, sustainability is really all about efficiency - about doing more with less. Which is exactly where consumers find themselves today.

There are plenty of ways going green can also help consumers save money - a recent WSJ article listed several, and Wal Mart has made helping consumers find this intersection its mission (

Research has shown that, all else being equal, consumers will pick the eco-friendly option. So it follows that, in market where your competitors are competing on price alone, an added sustainability benefit could just be the tiebreaker.

We think the opportunity of the year is to reframe sustainability as the smart choice - not just for the planet but also for your pocketbook.

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