Monday, February 2, 2009

Moving Communications Forward

I've often talked about Toyota's leadership as a green brand, their dedication to innovation and plentiful and captivating advertising in the sustainability space. But recently, they have gone beyond what we have all come to expect; they have decided to peel back the curtain and give drivers a peak of what is going on inside. Check it out:

Not only is this good sustainability marketing, this is just damn good marketing. Toyota is already the thought leader in this category but they now have opened themselves up to allow for transparency (or at least perceived transparency) and increased relevance. Ultimately, if they use this blog right, this could lead to some of the best collaboration within the automobile category. With this site, Toyota has an opportunity, to lead, aggregate and influence the conversation to alternative transportation solutions, something that will be crucial to fight against climate change.

While the blog is quite young, it will be interesting to watch as the entries progress and grow as well as what people choose to comment on. And while I realize this is a European focused site, the web has no boundaries, so I hope that Americans will find interest and relevance in this site as well. In order to really benefit from the potential collaboration on this site, it will need to become a global conversation.

I have already tagged as one of my favorites and will be checking back often to see what Mr. Hensley and the world's drivers have to share.

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