Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Greenery is now OgilvyEarth

In case you've wondered why we've abandoned what was a fairly robust blog, well, we haven't. The Greenery has changed its name to OgilvyEarth, after the sustainability practice area expanded globally to include some 20 geographies across the Ogilvy Network.

Progress means change, and in this case a new website and blog along with a new name and set of capabilities.

So go here: www.OgilvyEarth.com to see posts from all around the globe on sustainability and marketing. I've posted the inaugural blog entry below, in case your excitement is too great to wait for the link to load....

“When the winds of change blow, there are those who build walls, and those who build windmills.” –Ancient proverb

Today marks the official launch of OgilvyEarth, the Ogilvy Group’s global sustainability practice area. Everything is changing, but nothing is changing.

What we do today, is to connect together the dozens of existing sustainability groups under a single banner, a single point-of-view and a shared approach. So nothing has changed: we continue to help the worlds greatest companies capture the opportunity in the new sustainable economy. Companies like BP, Tetra Pak, Coca-Cola, Unilever, DuPont, IBM and Qantas. And everything has changed: never before has an agency network connected people from all different companies and disciplines together, under a shared mission like this. The result? People who are passionate about moving the world (and the companies that serve it) forward. People with the communications skills to start a movement and make it actually happen.

But OgilvyEarth is just another sign that times have changed, forever. In the shadow of a global economic crisis, has emerged a new dawn: the Age of Sustainability. It’s an Age where people do more, with less. Where resource availability and shared prosperity are not in conflict. Where optimism meets pragmatism for all.

You can read our white paper to understand our point of view and begin to ponder the implications of the new Age of Sustainability for your company, for yourself. This blog will be a “wikipaper” of sorts, where ideas are refined, the sustainability movement defined and the conventions are challenged. This will not be the place to go for polar bear updates or tips on how better to compost your mung beans. This is the place where the very fundamentals of the new world order, the new Age of Sustainability will unfold. Where brands that lead will be celebrated and those who don’t will be gently prodded.

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