Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disposable vs. Reusable Debate

Take a look at the below photos... notice a commonality? (Besides Barack Obama, of course.)

The bottled water.

Over a year ago, The Greenery championed the switch from disposable plastic water bottles to reusable aluminum "SIGGs." It not only saves the environment, but also money.

For Obama, there exisit a leadership opportunity to set an example. Walk the talk. Get rid of the disposable plastic bottles, or at least switch to one of the "eco-friendly" versions. This simple visual could be big-- remember the power of Lance Armstrong and his yellow Livestrong bracelets? They were the hottest item out there. And actually raised a lot of money for cancer research.

Over 38 million plastic bottles are sent to the US landfills each year and it takes 700 years for that plastic to start decomposing. Switching to reusable is an easy and cheap way to make a difference. A bit less convenient perhaps for a campaign on the move, but I'd bet there is a volunteer ready for a promotion.

And for the record, the Obama campaign sells Obama-branded reusable bottles. Maybe Barack can get a discount....

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