Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Dem's Convention and Beer

You may have heard that the DNC offset the carbon footprint of its jet-setting delegates. But exactly how?

They composted the food waste from all 8,000+ meals. Used biodegradable trash bags for the garbage hauled to landfills. Powered both the Pepsi Center and Hyatt (the DNC HQ) by 100% wind energy.

And our favorite: used only hybrid or "alternative fuel" cars and trucks to transport delegates and the media. Alternative fuel. You must be thinking biodiesel, right?

Not exactly. Beer.

I know what you're thinking now: "Is there nothing beer can't do?" But before you throw a six-pack into the gas tank, the fuel is really ethanol made from waste materials created in the brewing process.

And that waste adds up. Molson Coors (based in Denver) donated enough clean burning ethanol fuel to the DNC for all 400 General Motors flex-fuel vehicles used throughout the convention. Nice PR move. Who can resist the irony? After all, next to nominating an historic candidate, what is the convention besides one big party?

So kick back this election season, crack open a cold one and save the world.

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