Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Green Olympic Games

Last week, the 2008 Summer Olympics kicked off with a bang. It's a rare opportunity for people from all walks of life to turn their televisions on and enjoy true world class competition. And some of the largest global corporations have spent over a billion dollars to grab the attention of these 30 million prime time viewers each night.

The focus of their ads? Sustainability. Needless to say, we're happy to see this.

Over the next thirteen days, we will be posting some of these ads, sharing our thoughts and hoping you will share yours.

First up, The Alliance for Climate Protection's WE campaign. Their latest ad encourages us to move to "clean" electricity. Of course, we applaud all of Gore's efforts in the fight against global warming, but wonder if the campaign gives people the chance to take action?

Yes, the ad sends the viewers to, where individuals are encouraged to write their local and state politicians and ask for change. But we wonder...

Did it miss an opportunity to inspire individuals to make changes to their daily lives?

What do you think? Chime in.

1 comment:

Freya said...

Where's Paris Hilton? Thought she had to be in all ads about energy policy these days...

Seriously though I agree - the issue we marketers can help solve is that people feel motivated to act...but aren't sure what to go do. I'd say this spot adds to the confusion rather than clearing it up (incidentally the same complaint a lot of people I know had about Gore's brilliant movie) - the response you're being asked for just isn't clear enough. So I doubt it's ability to help overcome people's confusion-led inertia.

Too bad, a real opportunity to do something great here, and with the best of intentions. Maybe Gore needs to take a leaf out of early-day Obama.