Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Importance of Synergy

Let's take a look at commercial #2 from the Olympics.

ExxonMobil has launched a brand campaign which features several of the CSR initiatives they are taking on. One ad which has caught our attention, focuses on ExxonMobil's fight against Malaria.

Of course, we believe that it is very important to raise the awareness around Malaria because of it's massive effect on the global population. But one of The Greenery's core beliefs is that in order to have truly effective sustainability marketing, the marketing messaging must be synergistic with the core consumer proposition to both the business and brand promise.

While we assume ExxonMobil's hearts are in the right place, because ExxonMobil is an oil company with no connection to world health, this type of messaging could be perceived as using a devastating illness to elevate their brand image.


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Freya said...

The opening line is the giveaway for me: "the first question people ask when they understand that I work for Exxon Mobil..." Oops, my strategy's showing! Brand reassessment, anyone?

This initiative itself is exactly the type of thing companies must do in the 21st century and it's a great cause, but for me the question is, does it belongs in their ads?

A possible easy fix? If this were an ad clearly designed to raise awareness of malaria as an issue, offering the viewer a way to participate, sponsored by Exxon Mobil who were maybe matching my donation or something, I'd be with it.

But the slick production values and self-congratulatory tone just don't quite get me there...