Monday, August 25, 2008


Do yourself a favor this Sunday and check out Planet Green's top TV series,“Greensburg.” It's a story we are very passionate about. A story about resilience, about community and about hope. It's the story of the small, rural town of Greensburg, Kansas, completely destroyed by the largest-ever tornado in the U.S. And of the townspeople who decided to rebuild not as it was, but as it should be. The new Greensburg will be the first LEED-certified city in the U.S.

The Greenery has a stake in this. We are committing our time and effort to help Greensburg market the value of its story—to bring in new industry and serve as a model community.

We also are joined by some of our clients, like DuPont, which is supplying the green building materials to help bring Greensburg back to life. In a media program as innovative as DuPont science, advertising, entertainment and corporate responsibility all come together in perfect harmony. Greensburg gets the help it needs. DuPont gets to showcase how "Open Science" can address some of the world's biggest problems. Everybody wins.

You've heard us talk about the power of collaboration. Here's what happens when it's put in practice. Collaboration between Ogilvy, Planet Green and documentary producer Pilgrim Films, made the marketing opportunity a reality. Collaboration between Greensburg and companies like DuPont, make dreams a reality.

So check it out. Help if you can. And let people know that with vision and collaboration, addressing issues like climate change and energy dependency are only a matter of will.

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