Sunday, September 28, 2008

Facebook Energy

I spent too much time on Facebook this weekend. Who's doing what? Following the debate on the debate... the usual stuff.

But it seemed the chatter on Facebook was higher than usual. Was there bad weather this weekend? Are people actually taking ABC's "National Stay at Home Week" to heart and watching the latest (un)reality TV shows? ABC even suggest this is good for the environment and the economy: Stay home, save gas.

Hmmm. Maybe they hit on something. Here are a few comments on Facebook from my usually "on-the-go" friends:

"Pretty crazy. There is some gas to be found, but the wait has been long. Yesterday I went to 5 stations close to my house and none had gas. Luckily the one I went to today had people directing traffic in and out and they were doing a good job moving people through. People are running out of gas looking for gas!"

"Melissa is staying at home because there is no gas!"

"Jackie is stranded at home this weekend with a quarter of a tank of gas and tapped out gas stations in Atlanta."

"I hear that...I had actual PLANS tonight...have to, tennis match tomorrow, work next week? Still up for debate."

Now there are lots of insights I could offer, all of which are immediately apparent: The power of social networks like Facebook to make problems instantly shared and global. The psychological impact of perceived shortages (think bread line references all week by the candidates). The lack of back-ups to automobiles in fast-growing "modern" cities like Charlotte and Atlanta, which have woeful public transportation systems. How marketing ideas like ABC's always benefit from good (or bad) timing.

For now, I leave you only with the image below and the reminder that we can't wait another thirty years to address the same issue.


Anonymous said...

Local news stations in Atlanta had interactive maps marking gas stations that were still open--as confirmed by people who twittered comments. Interestingly, many people I know weren't willing to race out on some stranger's twitter (myself included)...there are parts of the city where you simply do not want to run out of gas. But, as soon as I commented on a friend's facebook page, he (and others) raced to the open station I had found and filled up. Ah, the power of word from a friend you trust.

Anonymous said...

You know that “compounding the problem” is the city’s (state’s?) EPA mandate to use low-emission “boutique” gasoline to improve (read: not worsen) air quality in ATL. These mandates have now been relaxed....more important to get to the local mall, you know? Sigh.