Sunday, September 28, 2008

The United Nations and Divided Agencies

Earlier this week, along with several others from the advertising industry, I was called to the United Nations to meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Michael Lee with the International Advertising Association brokered the meeting.

AD WEEK: "IAA, UN Officials Meet on Climate Change"

Ban has made Climate Change a UN priority, leading up to Copenhagen in 2009 where the world community hopes to forge the “next Kyoto Protocol.” But he needs help. What can a bunch of advertising suits do to help? Ban thinks we can persuade policy makers, corporations and citizens to align around a common goal. And indeed, communications is a powerful tool.

I, for one, am on board. I've maintained that strategic communications can play an important role in creating prosperity for all. It keeps me pushing harder, not settling for lame ads, and gets me out of bed each morning.

Yes, I hear the snicker. And I get that asking a bunch of ad guys to collaborate is a bit like the fox and the hen house. Our industry is not known for coming together for a bigger cause. Or really for anything. Thank goodness the Ad Council has a seat at this table.

But maybe this is the time. This cause is our cause. This project proves prosperity for one is prosperity for all. Maybe.

I, for one, am on board.

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