Tuesday, December 16, 2008

GOOD Climate Change

Check out what our friends at GOOD are up to...

A few months back they launched a daily news segment to talk about current events and hot topics in a way that is engaging and relevant to "people who give a damn". The result, Roger Numbers, an animated news anchor who reports in bite size, 2-minute segments on the GOOD website.

Over the past few months they have had several reports on climate change, all educational and important, but yesterday’s topic caused me to pause and think.

It's an interesting tidbit on perhaps a positive affect from global warming. Yes you read correctly, a good cause and effect...check out the clip yourself to see what I am talking about:

With all of the doom and gloom talk that's out there, it is always important to hear all sides and look at the problem from different angles. This is definitely not the golden solution to our problem, but what a fascinating learning. That being said, I am still all for the polar bears and despite the positive affect global warming may have on plankton, I still would rather a snugly polar bear be saved than to help some non-visible ocean organisms. So...here's to saving the polar bears!

And make sure to tune in weekdays at good.is to check out the latest news segment from Roger Numbers at GOOD.

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