Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Reason to Root for New Jersey

If you've followed this blog at all, you know how I go on and on about how important collaboration is when telling your sustainability story. It forces a brand to think carefully about the company it keeps and reminds us all that we no longer can afford to think (or do) in isolation. I have highlighted some of our favorite initiatives, brands and partners here on this blog, including the Philadelphia Eagles' first-ever greening of a sports franchise. So I thought it was time to check in on the New Jersey Nets' efforts as the first NBA team to "go green" (don't tell the Boston Celtics). I was thrilled to see things catching on:


Sports teams are huge environmental impactors. Think about the jets flying the teams around the country, the fans driving to the games, the electricity to power the huge stadiums and arenas, the plastic bottles thrown out (or in Philly's case, occasionally at the players). So it's good to see the Nets doing its part. And good to see them collaborate with some credible partners: Planet Green, National Grid, Carbon Neutral, GOOD Magazine.

The netsgogreen.com website was launched earlier this year and has some interesting facts, figures and "how to" tips for fans (although tips on a better free throw might be more appropriate and helpful). It also outlines the carbon credit programs it has supported to offset its carbon load. What I don't see are updated reports on what and how they are doing to reduce their carbon load. Now that would be real NBA leadership.

The outcome is sure to be, ahem, a slam dunk for all involved and will hopefully lead to more teams and leagues taking a hard look at their entire operations.

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