Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Motorcycles Go Green

Here's an article from "Wired" about the introduction of lower-emission motorcycles. Motorcycles have always been incredibly efficient, but also polluting.

Wired: The Greening of Motorcycles

Now here's what I find interesting (and why I am sharing): The debate that follows this article on the Wired blog addresses two of The Greenery's four pillars of good sustainability marketing-- vision and synergy. Vision: do bike manufacturers have the leadership to put clean engines into R&D before the public commits to buying greener machines? Synergy: does the "hog nation" want a quiet hybrid engine when part of the love of the open road includes the ear-splitting, loin-numbing roar of a massive internal combustion engine?

These seem to be competing desires, which is why making sustainability part of your product and brand is not child's play.

Being "green" may mean doing things differently, but it should never mean sacrificing the very benefit of a product. A light bulb that never turns on is pretty darn efficient. And pretty useless. Like a Chrysler K car.

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